Turn Key Project

After the work is done in decoration and turnkey applications, all details are actually connected to the designs. Store decoration items are wider and more than other decoration applications. Therefore, store decorations in order to go is an application. Store decoration must reflect your work and serve the area you make. The important thing is not to make too much cost, but to adapt to the decoration application. 

A store design modifies roughly can be, per meter square 50-meter square to 3000. Therefore, the store should be fully done with teamwork. It can be obtained without spending much money on the interior architectural decoration. A key to this type of application is to be in work with advanced personal or firm.

Sanitary Plumbing Equipment

Electrical Plan-Project Design

Furniture Design

Flooring Materials

Ceiling Coating Equipments

Metal Component Chopping Equipments

Lighting Equipments

Shelf Systems Design

Plaster, Gypsum Board, Ceiling Coating Equipments

Dye&Color Charts

Showcase Equipment and Supplies

Corridor Partitions and Cash Equipment

Ventilation Heating-Cool Equipments

Insulation Systems

Installation Systems

Sconce and Slight Decor Products

Main required items