About us.

  In 1995, our company started to provide services by producing shelves system, store designs, concept designs, and decoration activities. In 2001, it has created its original aura in a short time with the name of artistic decoration. Our business that follows modern technology and fashion, It has the capacity to supply 85% of all products that are required for your store to open or regenerated.

Our store equipments are obtained through our professional staff, quality craftsmanship and integration of modern products. Our company, which has adopted fast and high quality service principles, offers its wide product range to our valued customers with its 750 m² showroom and 1250 m² instant warehouse store in Merter, Istanbul. Shelves system and equipment, medium stands, showcase mannequins, modern case counters, wooden and plastic hanger types are among the basic requirements for a store 

At this point today, we provide brand concept studies with our expert staff technical team in line with the opportunities given by technological innovations. We are carrying out store design and decoration applications with new trend designs that are tailored to the individual.

In line with the Agreements and Legal Procedures we have made in both Corporate and Individual business areas, we continue to provide Efficient workspaces within the scope of the high quality standard with added value by keeping Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction at the highest level. As Artist Decoration, we continue to strive to respond to your expectations at the highest level with our services.