Proof and Tailor Mannequins

Proof and Tailor Mannequins

Proof and tailor MANNEQUIN 

Proof and tailor mannequin are manufactured and sold within the Artist Decoration’s Store Hardware systems and interior architect company. 

Our Tailors Dummies are one of our most popular products that provide a perfect, timeless clothing display that showcases your clothing with a tailored fit. Available in various 
colors and styles, they can fit into any store from Bridal shops to Boutiques, Casual Wear to sport stores. Dummies we provide are height flexible and can come outright with a neck cap to stragighten away to excess torso cover. The polystyrene bust provides you with pinning solution allowing you to tailor the cloth on display. 
You can also use a tailor’s dummy to adjust and tailor your clothing, be it personally or commercially. 
Torso covers are also changeable, allowing you to get new covers, or if your own has been used for a while and needs freshened up, you can simply drop the cover into the washing machine 

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