40X40 Profile Sewing

Genel Bilgiler

40*40 Profile Sewing




Metal Profile




MT 3000g


Carrier System

Size Group

Diameter 4x4cm, 200-250-300cm

Colour Options

Chrome, Satin Chrome, Satin Dye

The most important shelf systems which with quality and special workmanship that is used by Artist Decoration for a solution of store applications is one of the most preferred options. It can be used almost the whole of the shelf systems.

General Information

While making clothing store applications, one of the things that affect presentation is the shelf systems options. 40X40 profile systems provide which effect store products property more esthetic shelf. In order to provide sell and access to the customer, it must be smooth to be placed properly in the store.

With the help of Artist Decoration, customers will keep in mind the decorations and will mention to everyone. With the help of creating with warm colors and chill colors shelf systems the reach of model's of products will be easier.

Our firm help not only about the rated height but also to raise and lower the shelf rate of the products. With our decoration firm, you can be in information exchange and can replace shelf systems.

With practical using, it can be removed and mounted elsewhere. Artist Decoration Store system has stocks 40X40 profile system. You may call 0 212 637 66 24 call center for detailed information and price for our Clothing Store Design Rondo Shelf systems demands.