Cash Desk

Cash Desk


We Artist Decoration manufacture and produce quality cash desks in order for our customers to meet their customers in the most welcoming way. In places such as boutiques and restaurants the cash desk is where costumers head after shopping for payments and face when first inter the store. Cash desk plays an important role in terms of impressions that occurs on customers minds.  

Desk models take different shapes with different hands of foreign industrial designers. In addition, that counters have material and design options according to their usage areas. the materials to be used in manufacturing are very diverse. It is completely shaped by the customer wishes and expectations. These materials could include wood (massive), MDF, MDF lam, glass, marble, plexiglass, aluminum, steel and altar. In the other hand, places like hotels usually have a flat and long desk designs to keep their guests in line, while a private clinic or a shopping mall advisory desk is usually produced on round lines depending on the density during the day and contribution to the décor of the environment. 


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